Win-Win Course in Sales Negotiations: 

Win-Win Course in Sales Negotiations: 

Seminar Outline:

Most relationships in life require some form of negotiation. Teens negotiate with parents for permission to go to the movies and stay out late. Neighbors negotiate fence lines. Ten-year old boys negotiate for baseball cards. Life is full of negotiations, and most of them are simple and natural. However, when it comes to those so-called “major” negotiations – salaries, contracts, corporate mergers, etc – people tend to think that it takes a certain level of talent or personality to be successful. Actually, all it takes is the right training and preparation, so you can take what you learned trading baseball cards and refine it for the next level.

Our two-day win-win course in sales negotiations is one of the oldest and most-respected courses of its kind in the country. This highly interactive class uses small group activities, role-plays, discussion forums and high-quality personal feedback to help you gain immediate, hands-on experience with effective negotiation principles and techniques. You will learn the value of preparation; you will learn to recognize and neutralize 20 common tactics. Along the way, you will discover a strategic approach to negotiation that will lead to a win-win conclusion -- the kind of conclusion where both sides walk away satisfied with the outcome.

Seminar Objectives:

Participants in the win-win course in sales negotiations will learn to:

  • Develop an effective plan and strategy for any negotiation
  • Know when and when not to negotiate
  • Negotiate face-to-face, on the phone, and through e-mail
  • Become more persuasive
  • Develop a common negotiating language with the other parties
  • Use techniques to help discover important information from the other parties
  • Recognize and respond to different behavioral styles to help build rapport and trust
  • Focus on interests and issues and avoid unnecessary positions
  • Neutralize manipulative tactics
  • Minimize conflicts and deadlocks both internally and externally
  • Coordinate negotiations within client organization
  • Meet business objectives by focusing on planning rather than tactic

Private Group Sales Training: Group sales training can be tailored to the needs of the client organization and delivered on-site at the time and location of the clients choice. 

Public Open Enrollment Seminars: Individuals are invited to participate in monthly seminars held across the US in an open enrollment format.
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