"Value Added Selling" Sales Course 

"Value Added Selling" Sales Course 

Course Outline:

Your product has wonderful features which function in amazing ways that can improve your customer’s quality of life. Unfortunately, that is no longer the selling advantage it used to be. The market is flooded with excellent products boasting wonderful features that produce amazing results. Your customer now has a vast array of choices that are extremely similar in function and price. What you need is an edge that will keep you one step ahead of the competition. In a word, what you need is VALUE your customer will appreciate. Whenever and however you can show your customer how the feature and the advantage of your product will provide for a him a personal benefit that he will VALUE, selling almost takes care of itself.

Our one-day Value-Added Selling sales course is designed to give you an intensive crash course in the art of value-adding selling. Using discussions, small-group exercises, role-plays and personal coaching to provide immediate feedback, you will receive hands-on practice in the latest value-added selling techniques. You will learn how to employ effective interview skills to help you understand your customer’s needs and desires. You will also discover how to tailor your selling approach to appeal effectively to different behavioral styles. We will also help you match the customer’s position in the buying cycle to your corresponding response in a helpful selling-steps cycle. The result will be not only more sales, but sales at a better price, and more repeat business to boot.

Course Objectives:

Participants in the "Value-Added Selling Skills" sales course will learn to:

  • Sell long-term relationships instead of just discounting the price
  • Use interview skills to build trust with clients instead of “pushing products”
  • Relate to different buyer types and behaviors
  • Differentiate your product/service and company in a competitive selling environment
  • Use ten different closing techniques at the appropriate times
  • Identify opportunities to add value to your customer’s business
  • Employ interview skills to discover strategies that will deliver advantages over the competition and solutions for your clients
  • Offer creative solutions and options
  • Follow a post-sales analysis process to develop important data for your company
  • Successfully implement every aspect of the face-to-face, Value-Added Selling process
  • Understand when and why buyers buy
  • Become a superb listener

Private Group Sales Training: Group sales training can be tailored to the needs of the client organization and delivered on-site at the time and location of the clients choice. 

Public Open Enrollment Sales Course: Individuals are invited to participate in monthly courses held across the US in an open enrollment format.

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