Sales Training Feedback

Sarah Eck
New Patient Coordinator (HCG) - Wichita, Kansas

"Our program was on phone/sales training. I LOVED IT! I thought it would be boring and just drone on, but it was interactive and taught us so much more than how to answer the phone. It taught us to deal with people!"

Mark Walter
Marketing Manager, Lakewood, Ohio

 I have been through several professional selling skills workshops over the course of my career and this one was by far the most entertaining and engaging, and thought provoking. ”

Robert Green
Corp. VP

"Vanessa was an excellent teacher and presenter. Even after 30 years of professional experience I learned multiple new things and concepts. ”

David Brunelle
VP Sales - Lancaster, Pennsylvania

"The instructor was first rate in his presentation. His creativity, quick wit and ability to teach was very impressive . ”

Harold Masque
VP of Sales International Business Systems Group San Francisco, California

“Your Professional Selling Skills Sales Training workshop and seminar has won all gold stars from our US and Canadian Sales Force. We measured a direct increase in closed deals, and in this recessionary time that is our major goal. The Webinar Follow up is effective and cheap to use vs having to put everyone on a plane to attend your sessions. Congratulations For a winning combination. I’ll be back.”

Adam Golson
Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. Ashland, Alabama

“The Consultative Selling Skills class went very well. The mood remained light and fun and yet we still learned a lot. The portions of the class that I found most beneficial were the role plays. I learned a lot more doing those than simply answering questions about the material. It is easy to regurgitate what you have just heard but much more difficult to actually apply it. Role playing forced us to do just that, and the added element of being video taped kept me on my toes.”

Jon McGill
Process Engineering - Ingersoll, Ontario

 “I found the class very useful and informative. Not only can I use the information I gained from course for negotiating with others, I find that I am conciously paying more attention to people when interacting with them in professional and personal life..."

Matt Major
Director of Sales - EMEA - Brackley, UK

“The sales training was well run and the instructor added a touch of humor to a quality session.”

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