Successful Sales Advertising 

Successful Sales Advertising 

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Successful Sales Advertising

Before TV and the Internet, companies had few options for advertising. The local newspaper was the most effective way to be noticed by the public. Advertising agencies specialized in print media and knew how to generate sales from newspaper and magazine ads.

Today, companies have several options for advertising their products or services. The American consumer can now see ads in color, complete with flashes, animation, or action sequences. How can newspaper advertising compete with modern technology?

The key to developing successful print media for newspapers or magazines is drawing the reader’s eye to your ad. Following are three tips to help create effective newspaper ads and to make sure the reader will notice your product, even without commercial celebrity promotion:

Colors Attract the Eye

Recent studies show that readers remember 65% more of ads that are in color over those that in black and white. Strive for colors that are pleasing to the eye while still able to stand out in a crowd of other advertisements. Your successful blending of colors will attract the reader’s attention to your ad.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Newspaper and magazine readers want information, but they want the information as quickly and effortlessly as possible. If they have to decipher a paragraph to understand what you are selling, your advertisement will be less effective.

Limited space is also a factor in newspaper and magazine ads. The most effective way to increase sales is to provide an eye-catching image of your product or service. It will save both you and your reader valuable time.

Extra, Extra! Read All About It

Once you have caught both their eye and interest with color and a picture, a great headline will be the lynchpin of a successful advertisement. A powerful headline will build further interest within the reader, create a personal connection with the product or service, and let the readers know why they should desire your product or service.

Headlines are quick and easy to read and so, typically, they should be no longer than 14 words. The headline must be connected to the image or picture so that you continue to build interest for the reader. Do not show a picture of a dining room table, for example, and then have a headline promoting a lawn service company. This is an ineffective advertisement.

Headlines with the word “you” in the first five words help create a personal connection with the reader. The word “you” followed by your product’s ultimate benefit will let the readers know why they should call your company or visit your store to learn more about the product or service advertised.

The combination of colors, images, and great headlines will ensure that you have an effective advertisement that produces sales.

Author: James A. (Jim) Baker
James A. Baker is the Chairman and Founder of Baker Communications. Baker is a sales training and development company specializing in helping client companies increase their sales and profits. He can be reached at 713-627-7700 or

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