Sales Training in Pennsylvania 

Sales Training in Pennsylvania 

Sales Training Courses in Pennsylvania

Our sales training seminars are available in an open enrollment public format across the US and Canada.

We also offer unique private, fully customizable sales training tailored to the needs of the client organization and delivered on-site at the time and location of our clients choice. Major cities in Pennsylvania include Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Erie, and Allentown.  If you don't see your city listed in our upcoming courses please contact us to see if one can be arranged.

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If you're a sales professional, you need to invest in this program!"

Mike McCarthy, Sales - Lansdale, Pennsylvania

I have been through several sales training courses and this was by far the best content and presentation."

Thomas Gaynor, Account Manager - Wexford, Pennsylvania

Great presentation, kept the interest high, kept audience interactive"

Darlene English, Client Service Manager - Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania

A client was undecided to renew, a few days later he emailed telling that they saved close to $50K in one Mammography Scanner, thanks!"

Amalia Patino, Client Manager - Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania

"Our instructor was extremely personable and presented the materials very well."

Monica Morris-Dutal, Client Manager - Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania

"Very good seminar which I will highly recommend"

Samuel Panarello, Client Service Manager - Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania

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Your sales force will become immediately more productive at their jobs and be more effective in their communications. The proven result is increased top line revenue, better margins, and lower operating costs. The Sales Training Institute specializes in sales related training in both public and private sales related courses, sales consulting, and web based online training.

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Sales Force Training

If you're looking for good sales people, and particularly if you're trying to qualify candidates by phone, there is an emotional intelligence protocol you can utilize to better qualify candidates and save yourself time and money.

There has been much research conducted on what makes people successful at sales. EQ or Emotional Quotient competency assessments will help you hire the right sales person for your company.

At L’Oreal, sales agents who were selected on the basis of certain emotional competencies significantly outsold those agents chosen by the company's former selection procedure.

On an annual basis, sales people selected on the basis of EQ sold $91,370 more than other sales people did, for a net revenue increase of $2,558,360. There was also 63% less turnover during the first year of sales people selected on the basis of emotional competence (Spencer & Spencer, 1993; Spencer, McClelland, & Kelner, 1997).

The selection process at Met Life was costing the company losses in training and productivity. They found the new sales people who scored high in one particular EQ competency sold 37% more life insurance in their first two years than those who scored low or who were not tested for EQ (Seligman, 1990).

Emotional competency relates to job retention, as well. Sales reps at a computer company hired on the bases of their EQ were 90% more likely to finish their training, and sales people at a national furniture retailer with higher EQ had half the dropout rate during their first year. (Hay/McBer Research and Innovation Group, 1997).

Another good indicator of character, personality, and sales ability is the StrengthsFinderT Profile. This assessment can reveal whether a candidate has innate strengths, such as WOO (Winning Others Over), Positivity, Communicator, Activator and Focus, or whether the applicant has strengths in the areas of Strategic, Achiever, Relator, Intellection and Empathy.

An online EQ assessment interpreted by an EQ coach gives you valuable information on candidates. Credentials, work history and references are only part of the story, and visual cues are missing in phone interviews. If the person charged with hiring for your company works with an EQ coach on your selection procedure, you will greatly accelerate the learning curve.

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