Sales Training in Oregon 

Sales Training in Oregon 

Welcome to the Sales Training Institute, a custom sales training and development company offeringpublic sales training courses and custom in-house sales training.

Sales Training Courses in Oregon
Our sales training seminars are available in an open enrollment public format across the US and Canada.

We also offer unique private, fully customizable sales training tailored to the needs of the client organization and delivered on-site at the time and location of our clients choice. Major cities in Oregon include Portland, Eugene, and Salem. If you don't see your city listed in our upcoming courses please contact us to see if one can be arranged.

The instructor did an excellent job presenting the information. I learned a lot of new information and would to love to be part of another training session. 

Melinda Kloft, Marketing Assistant - Portland, Oregon

Training opened up a questions and thoughts as to how I see our product. I know that I will use the tools that were provided and am confident they will help me close more sales.

Crystal Goldammer, Client Services Representative - Portland, Oregon

Great course! Learned a lot about expanding my sales skills

Janine Leeper, Client Services Representative - Portland, Oregon

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Successful Sales Budgeting

Businesses have many ways to calculate their advertising budget. Advertising budgets are most often based on any or all of the following:

  • Industry averages
  • Last year’s advertising budget
  • Competitor’s advertising budget
  • Previous advertising budget
  • Percentage of sales minus overhead
  • Friends or relatives’ recommendations

All of the above methods are ineffective for realistically planning a long-term advertising budget. Furthermore, they leave out essential marketing tools, such as sales projections, market analysis, pricing, and product changes.

A successful formula for establishing an advertising budget is to float a percent of sales based on profit margin. This formula is very simple and effective. The higher the profit margins, the higher percent of the sales can be spent on advertising.

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Major cities in Oregon include Portland, Eugene, and Salem. If you don't see your city listed in our upcoming courses please contact us to see if one can be arranged.

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