Sales Presentations Course 

Sales Presentations Course 

Course Outline:

When sales personnel prep for sales presentations, the tendency is to concentrate on being able to persuasively extol all the features of their products or services. The underlying assumption here is that if you can just do an excellent job of describing and defending these wonderful features, the customer will see the wisdom of accepting your offer. The problems with this approach are numerous, beginning with the fact that customers usually buy what they feel they need, and that may not necessarily be what you are trying to sell. In addition, when people are processing your presentation, the content – i.e., the words you are saying to them – account for only 10% of the believability of your message. Ninety percent of their decision to trust – or not trust – what you are saying comes from factors other than the feature list you worked so hard on.

We have created our two-day Sales Presentations course to help you effectively cover all the bases during your sales presentation. This highly interactive training event uses discussions, small group exercises, and a series of 10 videotapes role-plays to help you gain hands-on practice with your new presentation skills. You will be able to develop a presentation that is specific to your current situation, receive coaching and personal feedback from our experienced presentation coaches, and then take that perfected material back out into the field and use it the very next day. Among the many helpful insights you will gain during your training is a strategy for how to tailor your presentation so that it appeals specifically to the needs of your particular audience, to be sure you are offering something they will value. The presentation skills you gain from this course will provide an immediate boost to your sales results.

Course Objectives:

Participants in the "Sales Presentations" course will learn to:

  • Present technical information clearly, concisely, and persuasively
  • Use voice projection, articulation, pacing, and fluency to improve delivery
  • Appreciate the impact of body language, eye contact, and gestures
  • Understand and identify audience attitudes and needs
  • Use specific strategies to overcome nervousness
  • Identify and handle audience questions and objections
  • Plan their presentations around current market forces
  • Overcome negative or distracting mannerisms
  • Set up a specific action plan to continue to practice and improve presentation skills


“With the help of the trainers, I was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses as a presenter and leader, and fine tune ways to make myself more of a confident collaborator and presentation-giver.”

Talia Doucette, Associate Marketing Manager , Vice President of Sales - Lynnfield, Massachusetts

Private Group Sales Training: Group sales training can be tailored to the needs of the client organization and delivered on-site at the time and location of the clients choice. 

Public Open Enrollment Courses: We offer Exceptional Presentations as an open enrollment course held across the US.

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