Sales Management Training Class 

Sales Management Training Class 

Class Outline:

There are days when being a sales manager feels a lot like being a cat herder. Your team is going in all directions at once, and the harder you try to get them to focus and work the plan, the more complaining and resistance you receive. Sales management is mostly about management – the art of organizing and leading people toward success. If your background as a sales manager is mostly that of being a success at selling, you may be experiencing a lot of frustration and discouragement now that your full-time job is dealing with others and helping them to succeed. How can you help your people become a team of successful sellers?

We have created our one-day Sales Management Training Skills class to help you develop a strategy and gain the management skills you need to develop a great sales team. During this highly interactive class, you will receive important tools to help you master important management challenges like communication, conflict resolution, understanding the needs of different personalities, motivating your people to succeed, exercising authority and working with difficult people. You will return to your job focused and confident in your ability to be the effective leader your team needs to get their production, and your company’s profits, back on track.

Class Objectives:

Participants in the "Sales Management Training Skills" class will learn to:

  • Enhance communication by understanding what people are really saying, and why
  • Deal successfully with conflict, and interact effectively with difficult people
  • Use active listening skills to receive important information
  • Facilitate, guide, and close discussions in one-on-one and group settings
  • Build upon and credit suggestions by team members without offending other members
  • Give and receive important feedback to increase the productivity and motivation of the whole team
  • Design a strategy for team building that transcends individual agendas
  • Define and set up a method to track your team’s activities

Private Group Sales Management Training: Group sales training can be tailored to the needs of the client organization and delivered on-site at the time and location of the clients choice. 

Public Open Enrollment Classes: Individuals are invited to participate in monthly classes held across the US in an open enrollment format.
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