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Sales Advertising Tools

Every tool is designed for a specific purpose: hammers are designed for driving or removing nails; chainsaws are used to trim and cut trees; screwdrivers are used to tighten or remove screws. In business, we sometimes try to use the wrong tool for a job. Just as you can’t use a hammer to trim a tree, you can’t use the wrong tool in business. For successful sales results, you need to use the proper tools when advertising.

Listed are a few tools we use in advertising. Make sure you know how to use them before you pay for an ad.


Recognize that many people are visual and need to see the product to understand it. The proper collateral is required so the customers can see what your product or service looks like or how it will meet their needs. When designing the collateral, design it for the customer, not your investors. Too often, brochures are designed to impress current or potential investors rather than to help clients understand your product or service.


A large percentage of buyers want evidence of happy experiences by other customers before buying your product or service. Ask your current customers if they will write letters explaining specific reasons why they trust your company to produce positive results or describing pleasant experiences they have had with your company. Make certain that you inform your customers that you intend to share their letters with prospective clients.


In today’s high-tech world, many companies do business over the internet. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN provide customers the opportunity to search among the online companies for the products and services that are right for them. Make sure your site looks professional, is easy to navigate, and describes clearly the products and services you offer so that the customer will stop internet-surfing and stay to buy.


As mentioned above, many potential customers prefer to see visual ads when making buying decisions. Newspapers and magazines are willing to assist you in developing visually appealing ads or providing you with a list of ad agencies that can help. As with your collateral, make sure your ads are written for the customer and not for the investor.


While television reaches most households, cable television produces a real challenge because it offers so many selections. Viewers can easily switch channels during commercials, so your advertisement will reach a smaller market. One option is to advertise only during prime-time events. Remember that television advertising is expensive, so know your target audience before you decide to advertise on television.


Most local newspapers are approved to receive manufacturer co-op advertising funds. Under this program, local advertisers can receive up to fifty percent of the cost of advertising from the manufacturer of the advertised goods. Contact the newspaper to learn more about this program, as many manufacturers have extensive and detailed requirements. Do not forget to research these requirements prior to running your ads.

These are just a few of the basic tools available for advertising your product and service. By using the right tool in advertising, you can be assured of maximum effectiveness and high sales results.

Author: James A. (Jim) Baker
James A. Baker is the Chairman and Founder of Baker Communications. Baker is a sales training and development company specializing in helping client companies increase their sales and profits. He can be reached at 713-627-7700 or

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