Consultative Sales Training Course

Consultative Sales Training Course

Course Outline:

Most people, including both sales representatives and customers, tend to view the sales process as a kind of competition between the two. Sales reps zealously promote the wonderful features of their product or service, while customers gamely try to resist the pressure. In the end, sales is viewed by many as an irritating but necessary evil.

We are pleased to announce the end of this stressful, adversarial sales process! In its place stands an exciting, challenging, mutually beneficial selling style we call Consultative Selling Skills. In this fulfilling selling strategy, the sales representative focuses first on building a relationship of trust and understanding with his client, so that he can learn what the needs and desires of his customer might be before even raising the idea of initiating a transaction. A sales representative who has been thoroughly trained in the art of consultative selling will be able to offer the customer something he truly values, minimizing suspicion and resistance on the part of the customer, while increasing the likelihood that he will come away with more than a sale. In the end, he will establish a long-term relationship with his customer that will lead to many future sales.


The training was very informative and the speaker kept my attention. I look forward to putting ideas that we learned in this consultative selling skills course to use. 

Becky Vigil
Customer Service Manager- PNW
Kent, Washington 

Sales Training Course

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