Sales Training Tips  5 Proven Sales Training Tips to Polish Your Sales Skills

Sales Training Tips  5 Proven Sales Training Tips to Polish Your Sales Skills

Many salespersons wish to increase sales and become that super performer. Selling is simple if you have honed your talents both personally and professionally. I realized this when I came across this story of Ole Bull, a famous Norwegian violinist of the 1800's.

Even though this young man had a passion for playing the violin in spite of having a father who wanted him to seek another profession - theologian, his technique according to an Italian music critic was untrained. What Ole did was to seek out this critic and discuss his shortcomings. Then he stopped his tour and returned home for the next six months to hone his "diamond in the rough" musical talents. This honing resulted in hundreds of hours of practice before he returned to playing concerts. At the age of 26, Ole Bull became a renowned violinist and a sensation in Europe.

So what actions do you need to take to turn your diamond in the rough selling talents to secure being that virtuoso salesperson? Possibly using the 3 specific tactics that Ole used may help you.

First, have an open ear and open mind to constructive criticism or feedback. Moving from where you are know to where you want to be with closed ears and mind will be very difficult if not impossible.

Second, seek advice from someone who can provide specific assistance. This person may be a mentor, a colleague, an existing or past client or even a sales coach. Whoever this person is, he or she must be able to give you honest feedback.

Third, invest the time to assess your talents. What I have come to realize these past couple of years, is well over 90% of people do not know their talents. They focus their energies on non-talents and weaknesses. What happens is they end up working harder not smarter.

Fourth, practice, practice and practice. Coach Vince Lombardi had only 5 offensive running plays. Yet his team, the Green Bay Packers, continued to win game after game because they executed these five plays flawlessly due to practice.

Fifth, monitor your results. Ole had the advantage of reading the critiques of musical critics. You must read your numbers to determine the overall effectiveness of your honed sales skills.

If you truly wish to increase sales, then examine these 5 tips. Learn from someone who truly was a diamond in the rough and was able to turn his performance into a gleaming gem.

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