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Online Sales Development 

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Online Sales Development

Are your sales as high as they could be?

Do you want to boost your sales?

What is the first step to increase your sales?

To increase your sales, you need to analyze your sales practices and methods. Go through each question below to start improving your sales immediately.

1. How are you promoting your products and services?

Think about the various ways in which you promote sales. Writing down your sales- driven techniques will help you find out which techniques you need to implement.

2. How many sales inquiries do you get each week?

If you have a store or website, your sales inquiries are your prospects. Many business owners don't know the number of prospects they receive. Business owners assume that if sales are low, the solution is to increase the number of visitors to the sales-driven website. However, this could be a waste of money.

You are wasting money bringing sales prospects to a website store that is not user-friendly. You want to make sure that your website visitors stay to buy. The money you spend to increase traffic would be more effective in making the website easy to use, thus increasing sales.

3. How many sales inquiries are converted to new customers?

It is important to know how many sales prospects visit each week and how many of these become actual customers. Do you have 10 sales out of every 100 prospects, or only 250 sales out of 1000? This number shows your success rate in converting visitors into paying customers. Analyze your numbers to see how you can increase your sales.

4. Where do your sales leads come from?

Pay attention to which sources are sending you sales leads or prospects. In other words, track which websites or email newsletters are referring sales leads to you so that you know where your advertising budget is most effective.

5. Which sales website are your sales coming from?

It is imperative to understand where your sales originate. One of your websites may receive 1000 prospects but yield no sales, whereas one of your other websites might draw fewer prospects but have a higher sales rate. Analyze the different features of your websites to determine which produce sales.

6. What measurable sales outcome do you want to achieve from your marketing efforts?

You want to improve your sales, so you need to establish a sales target. Otherwise, you will not know when you reach your sales goals. Write measurable goals, such as increasing phone calls from people who want to buy from you or learning how to close more sales.

By evaluating the six questions above, you can start boosting your sales today.

Author: James A. (Jim) Baker
James A. Baker is the Chairman and Founder of Baker Communications. Baker is a sales training and development company specializing in helping client companies increase their sales and profits. He can be reached at 713-627-7700 or

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