Sales Training: Introduction to Sales Techniques Class 

Sales Training: Introduction to Sales Techniques Class 

Class Outline:

Have you noticed how everybody these days offers very competitive pricing? Does it seem to you that the quality of most products in any given market is very similar, and very high? When all of the players in a particular market are this close on the critical selling points, what do you have to do to gain market share? Easy! Don’t sell the customer what you have – sell him what he wants!

The secret is to take a value-based approach to selling. Simply put, this approach relies on using a sequence of careful, polite questions to interview your customer about his situational wants and needs. As you build trust, you are also gaining an understanding of what your customer will truly value. A sales representative who has been well-trained in this approach to selling will actually end up selling more per visit, while cementing a long-term relationship with the customer that will insure many more visits and sales in the future.

Our "Introduction To Sales Techniques" is a fast-paced, highly interactive two-day, hands- on class designed to help you develop the value-selling skills you need so that you can offer your customers what they need. Under the guidance of our experienced senior sales coaches – all of whom have built successful sales careers using these effective methods – will lead you through a series of practice-driven learning modules. By way of small group exercises, role-plays and personal coaching, you will be able to gain real-world practice in your new selling skills as you study them. You will also gain valuable insights into the different behavioral and buying styles of your customers, so that you can structure solutions for them that they will readily appreciate.

Class Objectives:

Participants in the "Introduction To Sales Techniques" class will learn to:

  • Relate to different buyer types—users, authorizers, and purchasing agents
  • Make use of careful, thoughtful questioning skills to develop insights into customer needs and desires, in order to offer solutions that will provide an advantage over the competition
  • Synthesize customer answers to offer creative solutions the customer will value
  • Assess post-sales call results to refine data that will be helpful for the whole company
  • Make use of the face-to-face sales process of questioning, closing skills and handling objections
  • Recognize basic styles of buyer behavior and determine how to adapt to each style to create positive “chemistry”
  • Formulate a personal Feature—Advantage—Benefit and Proof Outline for one or more of their products

Private Group Sales Training: Group sales training can be tailored to the needs of the client organization and delivered on-site at the time and location of the clients choice. 

Public Open Enrollment Sales Training Classes: Individuals are invited to participate in monthly classes held across the US in an open enrollment format.

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