Hotel Sales Training: Consultative Sales Skills Seminar

Seminar Outline:

One of the biggest challenges facing the hospitality industry today is finding experienced sales people who are familiar with the hotel and hospitality industry. With the competition more fierce than ever, and all the top properties in a market being able to offer essentially the same amenities and services at the same pricing level, how can you develop a sales staff that will have an edge on the competition? The best strategy is to invest in excellent hotel sales training. A top-notch, professional hotel sales and marketing training program will help your sales team build the skills the need to sell rings around the competition, without discounting price.

Our Hotel Sales Training seminar is a two-day, hands-on hotel sales and marketing training class that will help you increase sales and profitability by teaching you how to understand the needs of the customer. When your staff has the hotel sales training skills needed to clearly identify the customer’s needs, they will be able to create a valuable package to meet those needs in a powerful and appealing way. The course concentrates on the fundamentals of hotel sales training, but it also goes well beyond traditional sales concepts. While your competitors are still focused on discounting to gain market share, our acclaimed hotel sales training program will show you how you can stay firm on price and still increase sales by convincing customers of the value you are offering them.

The Hotel Sales Training seminar uses fast-paced role-plays and interactive small group exercises to help you get real time, real life experience with your new hotel sales and marketing training skills. Our senior hotel sales training instructors, all of whom have built great careers in sales, will provide personal coaching and instant feedback to help you grow and learn. You will even have the benefit of a unique evaluation tool to help understand your behavioral style, and that of your customer, as you work through the sales process. This unique addition to your hotel sales training skill set will enhance your ability to understand and communicate with our customer, so that you do the very best job possible of offering solutions that will create value for him and meet his most important needs.

Seminar Objectives:

Participants in the Hotel Sales Training seminar will learn to:

  • Deal with multi-levels sales structures—users, authorizers, and purchasing agents.
  • Use questioning skills to understand the buyer’s attitudes, situations, problems, and priorities as a key for developing an advantage over the competition.
  • Use hotel sales training skills to offer creative options for buyer’s problems, add value to current or future buying situations, and to assist the buyer in selecting the best option for a solution.
  • Use post-sales call measurement to assess their own performance and identify key customer issues by reacting as a business consultant.
  • Employ hotel sales training skills such as the face-to-face sales process of questioning, closing, and handling objections.
  • Recognize basic styles of buyer behavior and determine how to adapt to each style to create positive rapport.
  • Formulate a personal Feature—Advantage—Benefit and Proof Outline for one or more of their products.

Private Group Hotel Sales Training: Group (6+) hotel sales training can be tailored to the needs of the client organization and delivered on-site at the time and location of the clients choice. 

Public Open Enrollment Seminars: Individuals are invited to participate in monthly sales training seminars held across the US in an open enrollment format.

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