Creating Sales Goals 

Creating Sales Goals 

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Creating Sales Goals

In order to become a successful sales person, you must first recognize the relationship between personal attitude and sales productivity. If sales people are unhappy at work, their sales will reflect this. However, a happy sales person typically generates higher sales. In order to be a productive sales person, make sure your personal priorities balance with your professional goals.

We must first clarify the difference between goals and priorities. Goals are anticipated expectations, possibilities, end results or experiences you are trying to achieve in the future. Priorities are the most important things in your life that you are not willing to compromise or sacrifice in pursuit of a goal.

In order to understand this relationship, let’s look at the experience of one sales person:

John had a professional goal of being the top sales person in his company. To achieve this goal, he first looked at the current top producers and the activities they engage in that contribute to their success. The top sales people work twelve hour days, seven days a week. Thinking this work schedule was the key to becoming the top sales person, John decided to sacrifice time with his family for his goal. However, John quickly became miserable spending so much time at work, and his sales decreased. He realized that spending quality time with his family was a priority in his life. When he sacrificed this time, he became an unproductive salesperson. However, he did not want to sacrifice his professional goal, either. So John devised a new strategy that allowed him plenty of time with his family while being more productive at work. Once he created this personal strategy for achieving his goals and maintaining his priorities, John enjoyed work more than ever and quickly became the top sales person in his company.

Tips on how to be a successful sales person:

  • Understand your priorities in life.
  • Track the correlations between your habits and sales records.
  • Devise a personal strategy for becoming an effective sales person.
  • Make a weekly or monthly to-do list and stick to it.
  • Create measurable milestones to track your sales success.

If your sales goals are not aligned with your personal priorities, you will feel unsatisfied and risk being unsuccessful with your actual sales. Take the time to balance your personal priorities with your professional goals. Devising your own work strategy makes you more productive and leads you down the path toward successful sales.

Author: James A. (Jim) Baker
James A. Baker is the Chairman and Founder of Baker Communications. Baker is a sales training and development company specializing in helping client companies increase their sales and profits. He can be reached at 713-627-7700 or

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