BCI Selling System™

All selling begins with the customer. That's a given in our selling methodology. From there, the best sales methodology and process are going to have a lot to do with your industry, your unique market positioning, and your unique customer profile. That's where it all begins.

From there it's about transferring the right methodology and process to the entire sales organization, establishing the proper cadences, and then training your entire team to achieve that level of predictability that leads to continual performance improvement. We're with you from start to finish.

But further, BCI is committed to helping you achieve world class performance. That's why we've designed our training and coaching around state-of-the-art educational research, and why we use the very best teaching methodologies. To demonstrate commitment to your success, we have combined all of our public classroom training with highly-engaging learning reinforcement technology. That advanced technology uses awards, leaderboards and gamification to help your learners absorb more information. All of our publicly taught courses include our learning reinforcement tool - ReCall - to overcome the forgetting curve that happens after a workshop completes.

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