Sales Training: Introduction to Sales Seminar 

Sales Training: Introduction to Sales Seminar 

IT Sales Training Outline:

High technology companies in the software and hardware industries are well-known for providing sales professionals with opportunities to make nearly unlimited amounts of income. Big ticket products and services such as enterprise-wide software applications or design and implementation services for network operating centers offer large rewards and lucrative commissions. Even smaller point solutions, when sold to medium-sized and large corporate clients, can lead to generous accumulations of commissionable sales. Yet, one of the main reasons that sales in the IT industry are so lucrative is because most of these products and services are far too complex for some sales professionals to sell. Large enterprise license agreements encompassing IT organizations within Fortune 500 companies or government agencies are time-consuming and increasingly difficult to close. Simply getting a foot in the door of one of these types of accounts has become difficult as established competitors and growing start-ups angle for the mindshare of key decision makers. Our IT Sales training course is focused on providing sales professionals with the skills required to handle complex product and service sales and increase revenue numbers within their territory.


Mrs. Sinclair is an excellent speaker and communicates her message in a clear and concise manner. The class was beneficial to me and I will highly recommend this IT sales training course to others. "

Mike Bivins
Sales Manager
Rancho Cucamonga, California  

IT Sales Training

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