Why Attitude Development Should Be Part of Your Sales Trainin

Why Attitude Development Should Be Part of Your Sales Trainin

Change does not come easy. Adapting to the 21st century business marketplace is difficult at best especially if technology such as the Internet is affecting your sales.

Many businesses are structured to survive and thrive in the 20th century. Yet, these same businesses have not made the necessary paradigm shift to develop the strong interpersonal skills necessary for relationship selling. In today's market place, the strategic competitive advantage is customer loyalty and that is developed through strong relationships.

Can we be honest for a moment? Do you like the attitudes of your sales force? Would you buy from your people? If not, then where is the focus on your sales training? For most companies, the focus has always been around specific selling skills, sales competencies or knowledge. Yet most performance failure is usually attributed to bad attitudes and habits.

Recent customer loyalty research suggests that of those customers who leave your business, 68% cite bade attitudes at the number one reason for them taking their business someplace else. So can you afford bad attitudes?

In sales training as in most educational or training environments, there is confusion between learning and performance. Due to the agrian foundation from which public education has evolved and later corporate education, learning and performance were always viewed as synonymous. We learned and then we applied it when we cooking in the kitchen to sowing and plowing the fields.

However, in today's world, learning and performance are two entirely different behaviors. Learning is the acquisition of knowledge. Performance is the application of knowledge. Strategies such as rote memorization or spaced repetition helped to reinforce the learning and turn it into performance.

Attitudes that are the reflection of existing beliefs actually drive the actions or behaviors creating the results. If you want to increase sales (results), then you must look to the attitudes first and begin to redevelop those attitudes especially if one of your goals is customer loyalty. And the extra benefit is that you can also create a culture of high performance provided there is total alignment within your organization.

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